Enjoy Halloween with Braces

Candy to Avoid With Braces

Braces are designed to be very sturdy; however, they are not indestructible. Foods that are too hard or sticky can cause a bracket to break. When a bracket breaks, it can delay your treatment since the bracket can no longer apply force to the tooth when detached. Depending on the type of bracket, some may fall off the wire, while others might slide back and forth along the wire. If any bracket feels loose or comes off, it’s crucial to call the office at (519) 204-6103 immediately. Some examples of candies to avoid include:

  • Taffy and caramels
  • Gum with a hard candy shell
  • Jawbreakers or suckers
  • Chewy gummies

Candy to Enjoy with Braces

A healthy diet is essential for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. However, we understand that everyone loves to indulge in a sugary treat occasionally! Halloween is a time when sweet treats are abundant, so it’s vital to know which ones are safe for braces and which ones to avoid. Candies that aren’t too hard or sticky can be consumed in moderation with braces, provided you brush and floss thoroughly afterward. Braces can make brushing and flossing more challenging, so it’s crucial to maintain good oral hygiene, especially after consuming sugar. Some braces-friendly candies include:

  • Chocolate without nuts or caramel
  • Thin chips, such as Lays chips
  • Sugar-free gum
aero bar

Colour Combinations for the Holiday

As Halloween approaches, many patients enjoy customizing their brackets with color combinations to either match their costumes or coordinate with a friend. At West Five Smile Orthodontics and Tesseyman Orthodontics, we offer every color of the rainbow, including orange and black for a spooky smile!

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