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How Does Our Practice Stand Out?

Friendly Service and Staff

At Tesseyman Orthodontics/West Five Smile, we pride ourselves on our pleasant and friendly office environment. Our team collaborates to ensure you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. With over 190 years of combined orthodontic experience, our incredible staff constantly updates their skills with the latest technology and learning opportunities to best address your needs. We eagerly anticipate each of your appointments.

West Five Smile Team

Digital Imaging/Latest Technology

Tired of uncomfortable impressions? Digital scanning with a small wand-like camera and monitor has you covered. Intraoral scanning enables us to generate a 3D image of your teeth and adjacent structures in real-time while you sit in the dental chair. This image can then be used to gauge the dimensions of your teeth and bite discrepancies, or dispatched to create dental appliances like clear aligner trays, retainers, palatal expanders, and more! Patients often appreciate viewing their smile’s transformation through this unique lens. This modern approach has made treatments significantly more comfortable for patients, especially for those who have strong gag reflexes.

clear aligner scan

At Tesseyman Orthodontics/West Five Smile, cutting-edge technology is our backbone. With our 3D printers and lab equipment, we can craft your retainers right here in our Byron office. This is particularly convenient for out-of-town patients, as we often deliver retainers on the same day braces are removed. This minimizes the risk of any setbacks between appointments. Moreover, we can produce small custom batches of aligners on-site for those requiring minor adjustments. This makes treatments quicker and more streamlined.

Discreet Treatment Options

Aligners consist of a sequence of detachable, virtually invisible plastic trays crafted to guide your teeth to their perfect placement. Tailored to fit your teeth flawlessly based on the 3D scan from your initial visit, aligners are an excellent alternative for those desiring a subtler orthodontic solution. Using minute, tooth-colored attachments, the aligners exert force on the teeth, adjusting their position. Aligner treatments also offer more versatility and convenience as they are gentle, removable devices as opposed to permanent fixtures glued to your teeth.

Clear ceramic brackets offer an unobtrusive appearance compared to traditional metal braces. These tooth-colored brackets can either blend seamlessly or be adorned with any hue you desire! Many patients prefer this choice as it merges the effectiveness of braces with a more visually appealing design.

Indirect Bonding Method

In traditional practices, braces are bonded to patients’ teeth one by one. Depending on your specific needs, this might be the method used during your initial bonding session. However, thanks to 3D imaging, we also employ the indirect bonding technique. This approach is not only quicker and more efficient, but it also guarantees the flawless positioning of each bracket tailored to each tooth. Within ten days of your first scan, your digital bonding trays will be set for delivery.

3 Locations For Easy Access (Byron, West Five, Kincardine)

Dr. Tesseyman’s clientele spans both local and distant areas. Our team visits Kincardine, Ontario, at least once a month, and we also maintain two office branches in London, Ontario. This ensures we can cater to your location preferences, and you’re greeted with familiar faces each visit!

When & Why To See an Orthodontist?

When to Seek Orthodontics?

At West Five Smile and Tesseyman Orthodontics we see patients of every age! We most commonly assess a child’s bite and tooth position to determine the need for orthodontics around the age of 7-10 years. Most patients start their braces or aligners between the ages of 12-13 years depending on growth patterns. We also have the pleasure of treating many adult patients including some of our very own staff members.

Why Now?


Although the majority of our patients begin their orthodontic treatment during adolescence, there are certain types of malocclusions that could benefit from early interceptive treatment. 

  •  Small upper jaws can be treated with palatal expanders.  
  • Crossbites can be addressed with removable appliances. 
  •  Severe crowding can be managed with timely deciduous extractions.  

Early interceptive treatment is designed to be short and targeted. The purpose is to make treatment during adolescence easier and quicker.


Orthodontics can be a key factor in increasing a teens’ confidence and self-esteem.  By this age, the adult teeth have erupted and as such the position of the teeth and jaws can be properly assessed. There are many great choices to help create that beautiful smile.  From clear removable aligners to tooth coloured brackets.  We can help to provide the right appliance to meet your teenagers busy life.  Many of our patients have fun expressing themselves with their unique combinations of coloured elastic ties on their braces. 

coloured brace elastics


As for adult patients the earlier you start the sooner you can finish and enjoy your beautiful healthy smile! We often hear at the end of treatment, that our adult patients wished they started sooner!  Many of our adult patients have concerns with crowding of their lower incisors or excessive wear on their teeth. A significant barrier to treatment in the past was the appearance of braces.  Aligner companies, such as Invisalign and 3M aligners have marketed strongly to the adult population.  Today, we have great, efficient, customized appliances that allow us to move teeth more discreetly.  From clear removable aligners, to tooth coloured custom brackets.  You now have more control over your treatment process!

Do I Need a Referral? 

There is no need for a referral from your dental office to see Dr. Tesseyman and his team! If you are curious and would like to explore your treatment options, you can call or contact us on our website to book a consultation appointment.

west five smile front desk

*Each smile is individual and unique! This means that a consultation appointment is required to determine an appropriate treatment plan and timeline for each patient. It is important to note that the information above is based on what is most commonly seen in our practice and that Dr. Tesseyman will ensure that each patient is treated according to their individual needs.

What is orthodontics and what do I need to know?

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that involves the recognition, prevention, and treatment of conditions which involve irregularities of the teeth, jaws, and face. Some of these irregularities include crowding, spacing, missing teeth, overbite, underbite and more.

3d teeth scan

Goals of Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment can help you achieve your goals! Our goals when completing treatment are to establish a proper functioning bite, and to create a happy, healthy smile!

clear aligners great smiles

Who practices orthodontics?

An orthodontist is a dentist that has has completed up to three additional years of supplementary education following their dental degree. Dr. Tesseyman attended Western University where he earned his dental degree and graduate degree in orthodontics.  However, Dr. Tesseyman does not do it alone! He has help from his wonderful team of administrative assistants, dental hygienists dental assistants, and treatment coordinator.

What can orthodontics look like?

There are many different appliances that can help achieve our overall goal of a happy and healthy smile. Some examples include:

  • Braces
  • Clear aligners
  • Retainers
  • And more!
3M Clarity Aligners

The type of appliance recommended is custom to your smile therefore a consultation appointment is recommended for more specific information.

Why orthodontics?

Improving your smile can influence both your physical and mental health. Orthodontics can help with speech difficulties/impediments, can ease access for the removal of plaque/tartar, can decrease the amount of dental wear over time and more!

clear aligners